Main products
    1. Type 1 CNG Cylinder

      This type of CNG storage vessel is fully made of steel. It can be used to store fuels for large vehicles. We have products in different sizes for you to select.
      The dimensions of our CNG cylinder are 108mm, 232mm, 279mm, 325mm, 356mm and 406mm in diameter. The maximum length of our product is 1800mm while the maximum capacity can be 140L.

    1. Type 2 CNG Cylinder

      With light materials, we make our products light in weight without sacrificing the safety in use. Our CNG gas bottle can be widely applied in production or retrofitting of small and medium sized vehicles for home use. Our light-weighted CNG storage tank will help reduce the weight of blended fuel vehicle.

    1. LNG Cylinder for Vehicle

      Tested by professional authorized testing organization, our LNG storage tanks are proved to be impact-proof, explosion-proof and fireproof.
      With advanced vacuum technology, our product can keep the temperature in the cylinder low so as to help reduce the evaporation rate of LNG.

    1. Carbon Fibre Wrapped Composite Cylinder

      This product features portability and high corrosion resistance. It can be used in the field of medical treatment and fire protection in which safety and stability are important.

    1. Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder

      Differences in wall thickness of our pressure vessel are restricted within 10%, which is lower than that of 22.5% regulated by the national standard. Tolerance of outer diameter is limited within ±6%. (Tolerance of outer diameter regulated by the national standard is ±10%).

    1. Welded Insulated Cylinder

      With advanced interlayer vacuum technology, our gas container has fine insulation performance and can keep the compressed gas pressure constant for a long time.